Vintage Joe’s Americana opened on April 22nd, 2017. We originally opened up as an antique and memorabilia store, but wasn’t quite satisfied with being just a store. We wanted a place where people could come in and relax, be able to take a load off and enjoy a cold drink while you talk about you day with others around you. We wanted to create a place for everyone of all ages to come in and just enjoy life for a moment.

As a hangout, we wanted to give everyone a little something of what they wanted. We have WiFi for those that love technology and staying connected. We have a TV for those that like to stay up to date on their shows and events. For those that are more old school, we have a nice bar style sitting area and open seating in the back so you can have a seat and chat or play some of the old school board games that we have available.

As a Store, we wanted to keep history alive. We have vintage items, antiques, and memorabilia from across the decades for you to browse. We sell everything from old style candy to statues and vinyl records to hand crafted and re-purposed items. When it comes to the hand crafted and re-purposed items, we take in custom orders as well. Have something you want to change, we will re-purpose it to fit what you want.

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